Hi again!

I have suffered a hard weekend the last three days.. I have had NO INTERNET ACCESS at all! Tommi, the last three days of not posting does NOT count.

The weekend wasn’t all that bad though, I had my daughter and I have studied programming. Mostly pointers and the std vector array. Besides from that I have learned how the soundmanager works, there is now a pause function for the background Music and there is a sound when the character jumps.

I have just now also made the guy load a new map when he crosses the border of the window, and back to the first map again when he returns the same way. Just like what happens in zelda, except for the scrolling. Unless we figure out how to load a map that is larger than the window and have the window scroll to different segments of the map when the guy reaches the border, we can use this system.

I had small problems with this at first, but I have solved them now. first of all, the new loaded map was not coherent with the txt-file from which it got its information and the character did not spawn from the edge of the window. I realized when I made the first map load when the character returned that both maps were loaded at the same time! I solved this by deleting the level pointer before I loaded the new map. I also had to insert new spawnpoints in the txt-files named “T” and “R” and make new Vector2 startpositions and implement them in the same way as with the “S” startposition according to Tommi’s example.

Tomorrow is Christmas and I will dedicate it to create enemies that spawn on loading the maps. To start of with they will move in one direction each, then I must think of a way to get them moving in patterns.

Merry Christmas everybody!!



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