Hi again!

I sat all christmas eve (yesterday)  trying to figure out why my enemy would not show up on the map.

I had made an EnemyObject class and the cpp-file pretty similar to the Player object files. I used the very basics of the Player object and removed the keybord forward declaration and it’s implementation in the constructor. Everything was in order, I debugged and the object was there and its collider at the correct position but there was no sprite! I Went over the AnimatedSprite files over and over and I pulled my hair, cursed, got a headache and suicidal thoughts(exagurating a wee bit). Finally today I figured it out! I had forgotten to draw the damn sprite using drawmanager and I hadn’t implemented its update function. no wonder there was no visible enemy. Next step will be to have the enemy move and collide with the player and the environment. Then to get the thing to move in a pattern. After that I think I need to implement some “bullet-class(es)” to have the player and the enemy shoot.

It’s good to feel progress. The platformer, which I use as practice, looks like something the cat killed, revived, killed again and dragged in with brute force through the mailslot, but the aestetics are secondary if not in third place at this point. I am only interested in getting the mechanics work.


Bye bye.


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