Week 3 Naar Big Game Project

the third week of the project was going as planned, almost. What I did was to add the spells for the boss to the spell UML. This UML is now more of list of spells loosely indicating how they can be connected rather than an absolute and definite spell setup. This is because of a newly acquired feature of the UE4. A spell system. This system is dedicated to make custom spells within the engine and can make almost all the spells required in the game. This meant that it would be more efficient to use this system and possibly add just a few completely custom made spells. I did not like this system because I could not overlook its features in a satisfactory manner because I am not yet familiar with the engine and there was no good documentation included in the pack.

So that is one thing I have started doing, playing around with the spell system so that we can implement spells asap. I am specifically doing a spell called fireflies. It is a non attack spell that can be combined to an attack spell. it is supposed to float at a position near the player character and throw some particles around lighting up the surroundings. We decided to make an object with particles that have a collision box, and then use the system to cast this object to a certain offset from the player. This way we can target it and shoot fire at it for it to become a different spell..

I also fixed the blend space animations with new animations. And I implemented new jump animations.. There are a few problems with the jump animations.. I think I will need new animations from the artists, same as the last animations because there are glitches in the transitions between the animations and they are not grounded. Hope this will be solved by newly plotted animations.

I have also begun work on the PM. the synopsis hand in.

A list of what is implemented now. One shooting spell for mokhtar. the animations: idle walk run and jump. one attack animation. the lock on target system is functional, a way of reading input for the gesture spells.

AI for the first enemy. he can see mokhtar, hear sounds and attack with a spell. the sound trigger their attacking mechanism. This week we’ll be struggling with the spells and damage control if there is time and by the end of the week, if there are spells and if an enemy can be defeated we will have made our own deadline and we’ll be good for the official alpha deadline the following week. Things are going pretty much according to plan.


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