First blog ever

This first blog of mine is to get me started doing this. I have never done a blog before. It just has not been a reason to do it until now.

I am doing this blog to record my progress at Uppsala University. The programme I am taking is “Game Design and Programming”.

My name is Oscar Eriksson. I chose this education because I am interested in programming and always think about how games and apps and such things were made when I use them. As many people born in the 80s, I grew up with video games and computers and have always liked them. I would very much like to do computer games and programmers will always be needed in the future so I thought this education is good for me.

I have done a few assignments in the first course which is an introduction course to game design and game analysis. The major assignment has just started. We are designing our first own game. It is a space shooter game. There will be more blogs about this game as it progresses and I will continue to do updates during my 2 or 3 year education about the different projects I am going to do.

The content of the blogs will in first hand be informative with personal comments.

Good night.


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