Sponge Five finishing

We’re now finishing the last documents for the assignment. We had a test presentation last Monday and it went OK. We had a little too much details so we had to strip down a couple of things. And rather than designing the characters in detail we are now describing their mechanics and have examples of what they could be like. This is to make it a bit easier for the others to make the actual game.

We have to make:

A pitch presentation

A concept document

A one page design document

A paper prototype

An individual report

We have completed the presentation and the one page and the paper prototype (still needs some detail work) And we are almost done with our Concept doc. I feel we can finish this to next week with only a little bit of pressure.

I should start working on the individual report so I can upload it without feeling really embarrased.

Overall I feel good about being almost done with my two first courses in the Game Design programme. Next up in november is Game programming I.




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