Sponge five

Ok I’m back. I will update the progress so far.

Until yesterday we had capured the concept of the game: A temporary kindergarten teacher, equipped with a sponge and water propelling cleaning apparatus, clean the kindergarten children before their parents arrive at kindergarten. While doing this she must avoid getting dirty by avoiding or clean the children, or she will just give in to the mud. You need to act fast before the parents find the children untidy.

Yesterday we decided on how the kindergarten yard looks, what upgrades and rewards there are in the game and we have early scethes of the protagonist. Things are going on schedual or maybe a little ahead. This meeting we had made it possible for me to complete both the concept document I’m writing and do a draft for the one page document.

Next thursday, we  will dedicate 2 hours of prototyping and take notes so we can present that as well.

Aside from that I am working on a character and narrative analyse of 4 different characters in the game Bioshock infinite. I haven’t finished the game yet, but I need to be finished really soon to complete the analyse.

I am also supposed to have a scientifical text done on thursday. I have started and decided what to put in the paper: How action games affect concentration and cognitive flexibility. I have all the references ready and just need to take up a few examples.

I feel this is manageble and am actually enjoying doing all this, even though sometimes I just need to sleep. As long as things are getting done it’s all positive stress for me. Hell, I am even blogging!

Good night.

Oscar Eriksson


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